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Construction Company in Karachi

Architecture Plan – Construction Company in Karachi

If you are in search of a trusted construction company in Karachi so you are in the right place because Moten Developers are included of the best House Construction Companies in Karachi.

At Moten Developers you get a team of professionals working to maximize the value of your design. Our design professionals are brilliant and innovational, acclimating design and structure solutions to the best interest of our clients therefore we are the trusted name of Construction Company in Karachi-Pakistan.

We provide services that include design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. We as Architects also provide a wide variety of services including feasibility studies, architectural programming, and project management.


Project Inception: The Planning Of Your Project Starts Here. Working With Us, You Will Share Your Project Needs, Dreams And Goals.

Schematic Design: During This Stage We Will Begin By Preparing Preliminary Design Sketches Based On Your Requirements And Budget To Explore And Illustrate Possible Options. We Will Review These Options With You, Pointing Out The Merits / Demerits And Responding To Your Input.

Design Development: This Stage Refines The Agreed Upon Schematic Design For A Clearer Definition Of The Scope And Quality Of The Finished Project. Further Cost Projections Will Determine How Closely The Design Confirms To The Budget Expectations, Or If Any, Adjustments Are Required.

Construction Documents: When The Design Concepts Are Finally Decided, We Immediately Start Preparing Working Drawings And Specifications. These Are Required To Manage Construction In An Appropriate Manner.

Bidding And Negotiation: We Can Advise You On Your Choice Of Contractor – Usually Done By Calling For Competitive Bids. We Can Help Evaluate The Bids Select The Contractor, And Prepare The Contract Between You And The Contractor.

Top Supervision: We Can Supervise And Manage Construction Sites According To The Design And Advice You During Construction. On-Site Visits Will Determine If Construction Is Proceeding In General in Accordance With The Contract And That The Design, Materials, And Workmanship Meet With Acceptable Standards.

Construction Company in Karachi


  1.  Project Management
  2.  Feasibility Studies
  3.  Building Condition Audits
  4.  Programming
  5.  Interior Design
  6.  Renderings And Promotional Materials
  7.  Full-Time Site Representation
  8.  Multiple Contract Preparation